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The Town Menu

The Town Menu should appear something like the below image:

This is the central menu for playing the game. From here you can recruit players to your guild, check on their status, ply them with gifts, or go on Raids. The current game day and weeks played are displayed at the top of the screen, as well as your guild name and current gold supply. Special items may also be displayed at the top of the screen if you find them! Let's go over what these options do -


Raid – This option will take you to the Raid Selection screen. From here you can attempt to defeat the various battles that make up the game!

After completing a raid, you will be returned to this screen.


Take The Night Off – Very few people want to raid every day of the week. Taking a night off every once in a while will help keep your guild members from getting sick of raiding.

Take The Night Off requires confirmation after selection. Other menu items will take you directly to the appropriate screen. You can press the keyboard number for any option to select it, and the Enter key to confirm.

Recruit Guild Members – This option will allow you to add new members to your guild. You will need 9 other people to win most fights, though you can recruit as many players as you wish. Granted, if you recruit people and never let them raid, they will likely quit eventually.


View Guild Members This option will let you view the statistics of players that have joined your guild.


Spend The Day Chatting With... - This option will allow you to spend a day giving face time to a selected guild member. This will likely improve the morale of the selected member, though others in the guild may get jealous.


Buy Items – This option takes you to the store where you can buy items for use during Raids or items that you can give to guild members to increase their morale.


Use Items – This option takes you to the screen where you can give morale gifts, bought in the store, to guild members.


View Guilds – This option brings up a display showing your guild's average gear score (or points) compared to that of other guilds in the game.


The number keys that correspond to the Town Menu selection may be used as keyboard shortcuts with Enter for confirmation. As a reminder, you can bring up the Main Menu here by pressing the ESC key or the F1 key.