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Raider Role Selection

After you have selected your Raiders, you will be presented with this screen:

From this menu you can set which role each member will fulfill in the Raid. There are 3 basic roles:

DPS – This raider will focus on doing damage to enemies.

Healer – This raider will focus on healing allies. (Clerics and Druids only.)

Tank – This raider will focus on getting enemies to attack them.

Certain classes are far better at some roles than others, but you can assign people to be any role that they can actually fulfill. So, while you can tell your Cleric to try to Main Tank, you cannot tell your Warrior to try to Heal. Also, when you adjust a character's role they may move from the front or back row as appropriate for the selected role.

If you dislike your changes and want to reset everyone to their default role, you can press the Assign Default Roles button on the bottom right of the screen (or the A key on the keyboard). Once you are happy with the assigned role, you can press the Confirm button (or the Enter key) to continue setting up your battle plan. And, as usual, Back will return you to the Town Menu.

Note: You must have at least one Raider assigned as a Tank to continue.