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Getting Started

When you load up the game, you will be presented with a screen similar to this:


This is the Main Menu. It is accessible at almost all points in the game by pressing the F1 key (or occasionally the ESC key). The options are fairly straight forward, but here is a quick description of them:

New Game This option will let you begin playing a new game. If you are currently playing a game, it will first check if you are sure – as starting a new game will lose any unsaved progress.

Load Game – This option will allow you to resume a previously saved game. Like starting a new game, if you are currently playing it will ask if you are sure – as any unsaved progress will be lost.

Save Game – If you currently have a game in progress, this option will save your progress. In most game modes, there is also an auto save feature that will save your progress once a day (or, after each turn).

* Saves are stored by the name of your guild and the current turn. So, if you start a new game using the same guild name as a previous game, it will let you overwrite any previous saves. You cannot save the game while in combat or more than once per week at the hardest difficulty setting.

Quit Game – This option will allow you to flee back to reality. If you are currently playing, it will verify that you wish to exit – as any unsaved progress will be lost.

Credits – This option will display those poor souls involved in the creation of this game.

OptionsThis option will bring up the Options Menu. From here you can customize all sorts of game display and audio settings.

* When first starting, you may want to jump right into the options to set volume and window size to settings that you are comfortable playing the game with.


On-Line Help – This option takes you here...