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Gameplay Options

The Gameplay Options screen should appear something like this:

Combat Speed – As the name implies, changing this setting will cause combat to occur at a faster or slower rate. If you are having trouble keeping track of what is happening, you may want to turn the speed down.

Pause Game on Tab – If this option is set to True, the game will pause whenever the window is not the main focus on the desktop. So, if you set it to False, you can let combat play out while you browse the Internet (don't come crying to us if you come back and find everyone dead though!)

Play Fight Introductions – This setting allows you to disable the brief introductions before each fight.

Play Raid Endings – This option allows you to skip over the victory celebration whenever you beat a Raid (how sad).

Tool Tip Timer – This option allows you to set the delay in seconds before tool tips appear.

Menu Font Options –This option will change the font for most of the menus in the game to the selected type.

Save As Default Options – This button will save the current options for use whenever the game is started.

Important Note: The Default Options are only for starting a new game. Options are saved into individual save game files. When you load a saved game, whatever the options settings were at the time the game was saved will be restored.

Back – This button will return you to the Main Options menu.